Service Industry Facts – Hoarding Facts

Hoarding Fact: Most people in the cleanout / hoarding business are scavengers, looking for hidden treasures who charge a fee to “clean-out” the contents and then turn around and sell their spoils to dealers, flea markets and auctions.

Hoarding Fact: A Hoarder’s worst nightmare is anyone who they think is going come into their property, take charge and remove all of their belongings.

Hoarding Fact: Free Estimate means, “I am guessing and I will apologize later when I figure out the read deal”. It is impossible for anyone who is honest, to provide you with a price to do the work on the phone.

Hoarding Fact: When People need to restore lives and property, it is always best to find someone who can provide a fixed cost and a guaranteed time frame.

Hoarding Fact: Every day the internet is becoming loaded with all sorts of brand new out of the box “Hoarding Experts” because all one needs to be an expert is good sales pitch to tell people what they want to hear not what will work best. These upstarts only need to use this kind of copy on their new website, to get Google to find them amongst the many options, and add them to the list based on what Google wants to know.

There are some real shady characters, who advertise as a NATIONAL firm as if they are everywhere and the bottom line is that they are fishing for anyone they can catch in their GOOGLE net.  The folks at Google do not monitor the quality of these services for Googlers, Google just acts as a GPS, to show you where these people say that they service. If you add these words to your site, and are willing to pay for the click-throughs, Google will find you;

Compulsive Hoarding and Cluttering Syndrome – Housecleaning
Diogenes Syndrome – Home Cleanup, Sanitizing & Organization
Hoarding Disorder Help – Residential Clutter Cleaning NJ, NY, PA national,
clutter therapy,  clutter removal, Mold, mildew,  respiratory ailments,
Hoarder Assistance – Support – House Clean Up For Hoarders
Pack Rat – Saver Syndrome – Junk Removal & House Cleaning
Clutter Removal & Control For Families & Children Of Hoarders
Pet & Animal Hoarding, Sanitizing, Deodorizing & DE cluttering
clutter management, mold, mildew, stench, bugs, rats, rodents,
feces,  urine,  Disposophobia

It is up to the consumer to learn how to weed the lies out of these fraudulent opportunists, who take unfair advantage of dysfunctional, but intelligent people.  Nobody wants to over-pay for services, but to pay too little is worse than paying too much at the end of the game. A “Hoarders” worst nightmare is to have a truck and 4 guys pull up in front of the house and start to empty the place out.

Hoarding Fact: There are new franchises being sold for hoarding cleanup across North America, with the illusion that the franchise buyer can earn a fortune cleaning out hoarder’s homes.

Hoarding Fact: These franchises are given a book, some training and now they are perceived to be the EXPERTS.

Hoarding Fact: I am sure glad that my dentist did not buy a franchise.

Hoarding Fact: Every day on the internet a new seminar shows up. There are brand new franchises that look perfect enough, that some people are led to believe that a person who addends a weekend training session is qualified to undo years of self-abuse. It took me and my staff from 1980 to 1995, to fully understand MOST of the issues surrounding these dysfunctional people.