Medical Community Facts – Hoarding Facts

Hoarding Fact: There are two kinds of equity in these cases. Financial and Emotional. Financial means that you can establish a real dollar amount on any article. Emotional is always subjective and has everything to do with FEELINGS Never Facts.

Hoarding Fact: Hoarding is one word that has thousands of meanings. No matter whom you ask, you are likely to get many varying definitions.

Hoarding Fact: Hoarding is NOT a disorder. The disorder is the perception of others.

Hoarding Fact: The people who do not know how to solve problems for their clients, or cannot get people to hire them to de-clutter their homes have gone in to the business of teaching others.

Hoarding Fact: There is a new industry growing around the Fiction of hoarding.

Hoarding Fact: Therapy does not work for people who are referred to as Hoarders, as a matter of FACT therapy enforces the reasons people hold on to certain things.

Hoarding Fact:  About 20% of my clients are in the medial field as nurses, social workers, or mental health professionals.