How do you define a hoarder?

The best place to see exactly what a hoarder looks like is to take a long look in a good mirror.

Yes, you too hoard things so that makes you a hoarder.

With over 30 years and thousands of recovered cases we have been there done that and know what works and what does not for people who are simply dysfunctional.

Before  After

Along this 33 year odyssey on long and uncharted roads we have heard thousands of opinions, read hundreds of articles and attended far too many seminars given by people who have little to no one-on-one experience in crisis management, disaster recovery, space planning, contents management or how to accurately appraise the values of articles.

There are literally thousands of roads to an uncluttered life but only one is a direct path to a new and better life without dead ends, road blocks and long detours.

Have a good look at Hoarding Facts and contact me directly if you have comments, questions or suggestions about Disposophobia™.  The fear of getting rid of stuff.

We welcome all.

Ron Alford, Founder
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